The Berkey water filter system was the first product we purchased in route to improving our health and lifestyle. The great fluoride debate is what lead us to start searching for home water filtration systems.  A family friend of ours (who has been an invaluable resource from the very beginning), had been using the… Read More

I see no other option than to kick things off by sharing the story of the journey of trying to conceive and the utter fail than it was. So, let’s break this down into sections. The Plan My wife and I have rather traditional minds and everything was supposed to be perfect and according to… Read More

Hello Everyone, Welcome to this website!  I’ve decided to create this blog (along with my wife’s support) as a way to sort of track out all of our new experiences that we are being to exposed to! And, if you haven’t figured it out by now; the theme, plus the majority of resources will be tailored… Read More